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The Bible contains but a few verses about the years the Holy Family spent in Egypt – their flight from Herod’s death sentence, the weary journey, their return to Israel. But what exactly happened to Jesus and his parents in this ancient land of magic and myth? How did the sojourn in Egypt change Jesus’ life and influence his teachings? By pouring over narratives of the apocrypha and the traditions of the Coptic Orthodox church, Paul Perry was able to follow the Holy Family’s route through Egypt – from their entrance across the burning sands of the Sinai Desert to their zigzagging path down the Nile.

Part travel-adventure, part spiritual journey, part historical detective story, JESUS IN EGYPT recounts a modern-day pilgrimage into an ancient and often baffling land. In the basements of Coptic churches and the teeming back streets of Cairo, in shrines thronged by worshipers and desert wastes haunted by saints, Perry turns up shards of the past, tales passed down through countless generations, and reveals a very different side of Jesus than we get in the Bible.

Follow the footsteps of Jesus in Egypt …

The Holy Family Trail

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Jesus In Egypt by Paul Perry

What Happened to Jesus in Egypt? In search of answers, bestselling author Paul Perry set out to follow the Holy Family’s mysterious journey himself. In this fascination book, Perry tells the story of his own amazing trek into Egypt, and the deeper story of the miracles and marvels he uncovered along the way. With the help of the Egyptian Christian Pope, the narratives of the apocrypha and with devout guides and temperamental transportation, he ventured to find the places where Jesus had slept, suffered, performed miracles, and engaged in innocent acts of mischief. Part travel adventure, part spiritual journey, part historical detective story, Chasing Jesus recounts a modern-day pilgrimage into an ancient and often baffling land. This extraordinary book unfolds a chapter in the life of Jesus that has been shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding for two thousand years.

Reviews for Jesus in Egypt:

“Like novelists such as Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, Perry now works along the wide road between religious orthodoxy and lore-based fiction. Such blends seem likely to spread as Christians and Muslims, develop new cross/crescent interactions rather than the current mix of mutual ignorance and terrorism.”

“Perry’s portrayals of (those) he meets on his journey, his retelling of stories about miracles attributed to the baby and his amusing style combine to make a delightful read, even for skeptical Westerners.”
 -Publishers Weekly

“This beautifully written book is a wonderful example of West meets East. It is an account of our ancient tradition through Western eyes, a mix of Western inquiry and Middle Eastern faith and tradition.”
– Bishop Marcos, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Shubra al-Kheima, Cairo, Egypt,
Moderator of the Orthodox Holy Family Committee in preparation for the celebrations of the year 2000.

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Jesus In Egypt by Paul PerryWhat’s In The Book?

The following are excerpts from select chapters of “Jesus in Egypt: Discovering the Secrets of Christ’s Childhood Years.” This is only a taste of this fascinating book, which can be purchased by clicking the “Purchase” above. Perform a good deed yourself by ordering “Jesus in Egypt” now! A portion of each book purchased through this website will go to help the poor in Egypt.


The Secret Stories of Jesus

I felt uneasy going into the dark Cairo alley with the two strangers. I had just met them at the Old Cathedral of Saint Mark in the Azbakiya District. I was standing in the back pews of the 18th century church admiring its incredible icons, those bright paintings that give life to the stories of the Bible. As I moved from one icon to the next I suddenly became aware of the two men behind me.

 “Good evening,” I said, stopping.

 “Evening good you, too,” said the man with the moustache. “You are American?”

“Yes,” I said. It was not long after September 11th, and few American’s were traveling to the Middle East. I was conspicuous everywhere I went, so it was no surprise that I would be singled out at a Coptic Church, one that would be off the beaten path for most American travelers anyway.

“You have come to look for Jesus?” asked Moustache.

The secret police are working overtime tonight, I thought.

“Why do you think I am looking for Jesus?” I asked.

Moustache smiled and held up his hands. “House of Jesus,” he said. “You must be here to look for Jesus.”

I kept walking and looking at the icons. The two strangers stayed right with me. Moustache and his friend spoke quietly in Arabic, pacing me for some time as I tried to ignore their presence. Finally Moustache tapped me on the shoulder.

“Would you like to see the Well of Jesus?” he asked.

“I certainly would,” I said. “Did Jesus drink at this well?”

“Yes,” said Moustache. “He made it, and he drank there. And it is still there. It makes women have babies. Hazzem and I will take you.”

“Sounds interesting,” I said, assessing these rogue guides.

They were smiling and they both seemed harmless. Not quite choirboys, I thought, but close enough to trust on a short field trip.

“Let’s go,” I said.

And we did. We headed out of the church and across its walled courtyard to the busy street. The “well of magic water” was less than 200 yards away, my new friends assured me. It would be no problem getting there. No problem, that is, if I didn”t mind accompanying them down a very dark alley…

Chapter 3

Field of Fallen Idols

….”It doesn”t look like much,” I said to Ra’ed.

“You aren”t there yet,” he said. “It’s over that hill.”

Behind us were the entrance to the archaeological complex and the parking lot. From the road the entrance had been so difficult to find that we had passed it before Ra’ed realized it and ordered Sa”ad to stop. Once we got inside the grounds, things seemed even more cryptic. There was a small garden of sculptures from the pharaonic era. But other than that this place looked like a police station. In fact it was a police station of some sort. To one side was a large building with a constant stream of soldiers and police officers scurrying in and out. Toward the back of the property was a high dirt berm with the sound of gunfire coming from behind it.

“That is a shooting range for policemen,” said Ra’ed. “We won”t be going over there.”

We continued to walk toward another hill. This place looks like a waste of time, I said to myself. A total zero. All I see is scrub brush and dirt. They must have cleared this off with a road grader.

We topped the hill and the entire scene changed. There in front of us was an enormous field of fallen idols. There were hundreds of them, covering perhaps a square mile in area. Pillars the circumference of pine trees had been toppled. Heads of stone pharaohs the size of automobiles were broken off and lying next to their own stone feet. Statues of shapely stone queens were lying on their sides. Massive steles were broken into pieces that were scattered all over the ground. Walls were crumbled, as prophesized by Ezekiel, an Old Testament prophet who lived between 592 and 570 b.c.e.

And there, in the foreground, was a perfectly shaped well, its circular wall neatly fashioned from irregular bricks. I looked inside. The well was partially full of water. Floating on its surface was bits of Styrofoam cup and other rubbish.

I began to laugh at the scene in front of us.

“I did the same thing the first time I saw this,” said Ra’ed. “I laughed too.”

“I can”t help it,” I said. “It is so true to the Gospels that it’s almost absurd.”

…I am surrounded by fallen idols, just like it says in the gospel….

Chapter 9

Lightened by Piety

….We got out of the car and looked out at a desert that has probably changed little in 2000 years. It was stark and bleak and fathomless, and reminded me of why it is that Egypt has never been conquered by a force coming from the west across these endless dunes.

“What is it that happened here?” asked Ra’ed, as I opened my copy of the infancy gospels and began search for the appropriate passages.

“One of the most amazing things that happened to Jesus in Egypt, happened right here,” I said. “According to the infancy gospels, he met the two thieves who would eventually hang on crosses on either side of him when he was crucified in Jerusalem.”

“Is such a thing possible?” asked Ra’ed. “That would mean that Jesus knew the end from the beginning.”

Ra’ed had hit it right on the head….

DVD – The Holy Family in Egypt

From New York Times Best Selling author Paul Perry, author of “Jesus in Egypt… Discovering the Secrets of Christ’s childhood years” comes The Greatest Story NEVER told… Until Now.

Between “The Nativity” and “The Passion” we unearth the mysteries of the lost years of Christ. Author Paul Perry teamed up with investigative archeologist John de Bry traversing the sands of Egypt to explore this ancient mystery – what they find will shock you.

The Bible contains only a few verses about the years Jesus spent in Egypt. What Perry finds is truly amazing: places where Jesus slept, suffered, performed miracles and destroyed massive statues – all events aligning with Old Testament Prophecy. The story begins in the harsh Sinai Desert and reveals mysteries and miracles as he follows the trail of the childhood of Jesus. This is an inspiring voyage that combines adventure, spiritual journey and historical detective work. Jesus: The Lost Years takes you on a journey that explores the childhood of Jesus and secrets you never knew existed. Was Jesus’ childhood actually spent in Egypt? If so, what did He do there? Where did He go? Is there any proof?

What Perry finds will strengthen your faith like never before. In the most historical journey of all time, Paul Perry takes you deep into the ancient land to answer the question, “What really happened in Egypt?”

About Paul in Egypt

Paul Perry is the co-author of several New York Times bestsellers, including the Closer to the Light series and Saved by the Light, which was made into a popular movie by Fox. His work has appeared in National Geographic Adventure, Ladies Home Journal, Outside Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and several other popular periodicals. His books have been published in more than 30 languages around the world.

Paul is a graduate of Arizona State University and a former fellow at the prestigious Gannett Center for Media Studies at Columbia University in New York City. He taught magazine writing at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, and was Executive Editor at American Health magazine, a winner of the National Magazine Awards for General Excellence. Since becoming a full-time writer in 1988, Paul has written books on a variety of subjects, from the paranormal to piracy. In 1986 his interest in the effects and meaning of near-death experiences led him to a professional involvement with Dr. Raymond Moody , considered to be the founder of near-death studies. The two wrote three books together (The Light Beyond, Coming Back and Reunions).

Continuing with his interest in near-death studies, Paul became acquainted with Dr. Melvin Morse, a Seattle pediatrician who was researching the effects of near-death experiences on children. The two wrote four books together, two of which became New York Times bestsellers (Closer to the Light and Transformed by the Light). Their most recent book, Where God Lives, won the 2002 Aleph Award for the best spiritual book published that year in France.

In the midst of a voyage to Egypt in the 1990s, Paul became intrigued with the notion that Jesus had traveled extensively in the land of the pyramids, yet there was nothing written in the Bible about what he did there. This mysterious gap in the biography of the world’s most influential man nagged at Paul until he finally assembled enough information to put together a map of the Holy Family’s secret voyage.

Paul began following the trail of Jesus in Egypt shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Although there was concern for his safety among his friends and family, Paul saw this tense time in history as the perfect time to explore the meaning of religion in a land where the three main faiths co-exist in part out of a mutual respect for Jesus and his presence in Egypt.

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