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Oct 15, 2008 TBN Channel, Jesus; The Lost Years” –

The Bible contains but a few verses about the years the Holy Family spent in Egypt – their flight from Herod’s death sentence, the weary journey, and their return to Israel. But what exactly happened to Jesus and his parents in this ancient land of magic and myth? How did the sojourn in Egypt change Jesus’ life and influence his teachings? By poring over historical narratives and traditions of the church, best-selling author, Paul Perry follows the Holy Family’s route through Egypt – from their entrance across the burning sands of the Inai Desert to their zigzagging path down the Nile. Part travel-adventure, part spiritual journey, part historical detective story, Jesus: The Lost Years recounts a modern-day pilgrimage into an ancient and often baffling land. Filmed in the basements of churches and the teeming back streets of Cairo, in shrines thronged by worshipers and desert wastes haunted by saints, Perry turns up shards of the past, tales passed down through countless generations, and reveals a very different side of Jesus. TBN Info




Bringing A Biblical Tale To Life ( PDF PDF Format – 115 kb)

Arizona Republic Article ( PDF PDF Format – 34 kb)

Syrcause Post (PDF PDF Format – 371 kb)

KING TUT UNMASKED and Egypt’s Other Antiquities Preserved Thousands of Years (PDF PDF Format – 54 kb )



Radio interview with executive producer and author (MP3 Format – 5.5mb)

Radio Show WRVO Radio (MP3 Format – 5mb)

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Paul Perry Interview on Charles Goyette Show (MP3 Format – 13mb)

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