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I’m Paul Perry, bestselling book author and documentary filmmaker, with the goal of making media that matters. What does that mean? Producing media that opens the mind to spiritual and intellectual adventure, for a start.

Here you’ll find books and films about near-death experiences, about artist Salvador Dali and a secret painting that changed his life, interviews and books with Dr. Raymond Moody, the medical doctor who named “the near-death experience.” And, for that matter, you’ll meet Dr. Jeffrey Long and Dr. Rajiv Parti, bestselling authors whose research and observations are currently the most important in the world of near-death studies. You’ll explore the long and mysterious trail of Jesus in Egypt (yes, the one talked about in the Bible) and visit the great treasures of Europe, including sacred relics that can only be accessed by the likes of historian and Vatican relic expert Carlos Evaristo. And, well, who knows where else we’ll go. Come join us!

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By Raymond Moody, MD with Paul Perry.

Raymond Moody with Paul Perry; Glimpses of Eternity

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