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Dali’s Greatest Secret

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Paul Perry Productions; Dali's Greatest Secret

Dali’s Greatest Secret: The Story Behind the Painting that Changed Salvador Dali’s Life.

β€œThe painting Dali was commissioned to do was just a work for hire … but it turned into much more than that for Dali. By studying the Message of Fatima and description of the Apparitions and Visions and spending time with world renown Fatima Scholars, and meeting Sister Lucia β€” the only living Seer β€” Dali converted back to Catholicism, the religion of his childhood.”

-Paul Perry, Writer/Director, Dali’s Greatest Secret

Salvador Dali proudly presents the painting Vision of Hell to a shocked Monsignor Harold Colgan. This painting changed Dali’s life and nearly caused Father Colgan to have a heart attack. From the film “Dali’s Greatest Secret.” Coming Soon!

Paul Perry Productions

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