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Dali’s Greatest Secret


Dali’s Greatest Secret: The Story Behind the Painting That Changed Salvador Dali’s Life reveals the secret of renowned artist Salvador Dali’s Quest for God and redemption and reveals the story behind the painting that changed his life.

Visions and Miracles


Visions and Miracles, a documentary film providing never-before seen footage of visions and miracles that have taken place in modern day Egypt. A visual proof of the supernatural!

Jesus; The Lost Years

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Jesus: The Lost Years.  The Bible contains only a few verses about the years Jesus spent in Egypt. Follow the footsteps of the Holy Family as they fled the soldiers of King Herod and Discover the Secrets of Christ’s Childhood Years!



Afterlife explores the question, What happens when we die? A revealing documentary that stars noted researchers Raymond Moody, MD, PhD; and Jeffrey Long, MD, and features emotionally charged interviews with people who have crossed the threshold of death and returned to tell their story.