Dali’s Fatima Secret

Dalis Fatima Secret

Salvador Dali's search for Immortality was no secret, but the painting was!

Salvador Dali was at the top of his artistic fame, yet had a fear he could not conquer: Death. He considered many ways in which to achieve immortality, including cloning, freezing and finally, spirituality. Yet he was confused about his belief in God and religion.

Then he was given a commission that changed his life; an offer to paint The Vision of Hell, one of the famous visions by the shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal.

But now he had a different problem, he had become religious. How could Dali – an avowed atheist – keep the world from knowing he had returned to the Catholicism? And why was this masterpiece of religious surrealism hidden from the art world beneath a nun’s bed for 30 years?

Dali’s Fatima Secret is an untold story, one that changes our view of Salvador Dali and answers many mysteries in his work and personal life. Revealing, touching and puzzling, Dali’s Fatima Secret takes us on the spiritual journey of history’s greatest surrealist artist.