All You Need Is Love


Several years ago I brought Doctors Jeffrey Long and Raymond Moody together in New Orleans to film AFTERLIFE, a documentary film about Near-Death Experiences. I chose this ever-strange city for metaphorical reasons: it had just had a near-death experience at the hands of a hurricane named Katrina. While filming some b-roll, these leaders in the field of near-death studies began talking about the place of overwhelming love during NDEs, and other marvels that happen on the other side. In honor of the publication of our new book, God and the Afterlife, I want to share what Jeff and Raymond had to say.


If you would like to see more commentary from Dr. Long and Dr. Moody, take a look at AFTERLIFE, a movie about the question that has plagued mankind since the beginning: What happens when we die? This movie will help you understand the experience, effects and meaning of the near-death experience.


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